Henna Hair Dye Colors – Natural Henna Hair Dye Color

Henna Hair Dye Colors – Natural Henna Hair Dye Color

Henna plants are native plants from many parts of Africa and Asia. Not only appreciated because of the aroma of the flowers. Also, traditionally used for decorative body paintings. With us, he has gained popularity, especially as a natural hair dye. Henna powder is made from leaves of crushing plants. To protect their red dye from the sun, they must first dry in a dark and shady place. SANTE only uses pure henna from certified organic farming. A special feature of natural organic henna is attached to the hair structure like a coat. So it compensates for minor structural damage, at the same time the hair is fuller and receives a beautiful luster. Especially for fine hair, it is very suitable. 

Beautiful, well-maintained hair is more important than before for many women and men. At the same time, the desire for beautiful hair has changed. Today, more and more people want natural products. Lifestyle and beauty are still as important, but consumers want to know what's in their products today. The goal is very clear: away from chemicals and additives, less exposure to chemicals and more natural, organic and healthy ingredients.

With your henna hair color forgiving your mane, it's very natural - but it's also very complicated. You should know these things before you dye your hair with henna.

Natural Henna Hair Dye Color

If you no longer want to use chemical hair dyes, then you will definitely look for natural hair dyes. This is less dangerous for us and our environment. With the following products you can dye or brighten your hair naturally or darker:

- Henna,
- Walnuts,
- Lemon juice,
- Black tea,
- Blackcurrant juice,
- Elderberry juice,
- Turmeric,
- Chestnut and,
- Chamomile.

Depending on your initial hair color, color saturation is more or less intense, which also greatly depends on the time of exposure. Because this article is about coloring hair with henna, let's see what we have to consider.

Hair Coloring Using Henna

Hair Coloring Using Henna

If you want to dye your hair with henna, then you must first consider which variant you choose. On the one hand, there are ready-to-use plant hair colors, which you can then apply as explained in the leaflet. On the other hand, there is henna powder, which you mix yourself and because it has an influence on the amount used, etc. has.

"Tip: Before coloring your hair with henna, make sure that at least 6 weeks have passed since the last chemical dye."

The advantage of henna is that it only covers the hair and does not divide to penetrate. Therefore, it is far less dangerous to dye hair with natural hair color.

Henna for Hair

There is usually no difference between henna for hair and henna for the skin. That way, if you want to stir the henna paste yourself, you can buy classic powder. However, for the first time, I recommend that you buy a plant hair color that is ready so that you know the consistency of the paste you should. This will give you the best feeling for that.

What powder gives color?

The classic henna color, pure in red produces bright orange carrot hair and darker dark red hair. However, it is possible to add tilapia to affect the red color. Indigo is a natural blue dye, which then depends on the mixing ratio creating color shades between medium brown and black.

However, it is not easy to give the right ratio, because each hair reacts differently. That's why you only need to try it if you want a different color from classic henna red until you've found your favorite color.

Where Can I Buy Henna?

If you want to buy ready-made plant hair, then you will really find it in every drug store, but also in many supermarkets. Most stores have at least a little choice of this natural hair color. When it comes to pure henna powder, it looks a little different. Here you can still be lucky in an Asian shop or oriental shop.

Buy henna hair color: red, brown, black or blonde?

When choosing henna products, there isn't just one option. Therefore, decide first, whether you want to use pure powder or mixed colors. Especially if you do not want a distinctive reddish hue. In this list, you will find two henna products that are very popular among Amazon customers. One of them is pure henna, the other is a hybrid product for more color choices.

Here you can find Khadi hair color on Amazon What do I need everything?

For coloring hair with henna, you don't need more than other hair dyes. The following must be arranged:

1. A large bowl,
2. Brush to apply,
3. Whisk,
4. Rubber gloves,
5. Kitchen scale,
6. Comb style,
7. Small cooking pan,
8. Old towels,
9. Vaseline or another cream,
10. Used clothes,
11. Transparency,
12. Hood or cling film,
13. If possible, a dark towel dries out,
14. Large towel so that the turban dries.

In a bowl, the henna powder is mixed and you should always work with rubber gloves. Because henna not only coloring the hair but also the skin. You need a kitchen scale to weigh the powder and in a small pot, you can boil water. You have to use old towels and clothes so you don't mess up your things. In the end, we wrap our head in a film so that on one side there is nothing dripping and on the other side the heat can develop underneath. This is also a hood, depending on what you want.

Because you can still see paint residue on the towel when it dries, I suggest you use dark colors. Also on a towel, so that turban color residues can be seen.

How much Henna powder do I need?

The amount of henna you need to dye your hair depends on the length of your hair. The right amount for you, you have to find out. However, there are the following instructions:

- Short hair: 50 - 100 gr
- Medium long hair: 100 - 150 gr.
- Hair length: 150 - 200 gr.

If you notice that the amount you are mixing is not enough, you can add a little water while coloring to match it.

Mix henna powder - instructions

If you have decided on henna powder, I want to show you this guide how to handle it properly and how to do it right when coloring. The best way is to stir the pasta a day before coloring, so it can attract beautifully and the results are more colorful.
Depending on the length of your hair, weigh the amount of Henna powder you need and place it in a bowl.

 o Wear rubber gloves and gradually add liquid (hot water, hot black tea or the like) and mix well with shaking. So much to admit, that your henna paste has achieved the perfect consistency.

o Cover the bowl with a cover or cling film and leave it for at least 2-3 hours at room temperature, ideally in the refrigerator overnight.

o Remove the henna paste from the refrigerator and add more hot water if the paste becomes too dry.

o Wear rubber gloves and old clothes.

o Combine the hair properly again and cover the shoulders with a towel. In addition, you have all the areas around your hairline (forehead, ears, neck), with Vaseline cream. How to prevent discoloration of the skin. Now you need bowl, brush, comb style.

o Now carefully and gradually distribute the henna paste in your head. This works pretty well with a brush. Divide each part of the hair with a styling comb. If you want, you can massage it by hand.

o Now everything has been completely distributed, headgear with the help of a hood or transparent paper.

o If possible, make a turban with a towel over it. Heat is important so that the color is received better.

o Now leave the hair on the head for at least two hours, depending on the intensity of the desired color last night.

o Wash hair with water until there is no more henna left on the head. Use only clear water, no shampoo! A silicone-free conditioner will be fine. Then let the hair dry.

If you want, you can rub your hair with care oil afterward. Shampooing first with shampoo should be done at the earliest 24 hours later. Because as long as the color in the hair increases.

How do you get more concentrated colors?

Are you a color that isn't strong enough and wants to influence it before coloring? Then you must use one of the following ingredients in addition to boiling water or replace it. Because this drug has an influence on color intensity.

- Red wine (for stronger reddish colors),
- Solid black tea (for darker hues),
- Lemon juice (intensifying the color).

Beware of blonde and gray hair

Gray hair has a special structure that causes caution to always be done when coloring. The same applies to previously bleached hair. Therefore, some info about these special cases.

Henna Hair Dye Color The Gray

Basically gray hair with henna, it doesn't matter to dye gray hair with henna, but you should first try it in a nondescript place with a strand of hair. Because of it's special structure, it is impossible to predict how your hair reacts to natural hair color.

Coloring hair bleached with henna

With bleached hair, I will wait with coloring until the blonde hair grows bigger. Henna can react with it in an unwanted way and ultimately bring a completely different green or color cast. Therefore, caution is also needed here and you have to test it on the strand.

In exceptional initial conditions, I usually recommend a previous experiment on the test stand. So you can be sure that there are no unexpected coloring accidents. Because henna is a semipermanent hair color, it disappears over time, usually after three to four weeks. But be careful, so henna doesn't get confused with hair color: The color fades with time, but the approach will still come back!

Henna Hair Dye Colors Chart

Henna Hair Dye Colors Chart

  • Cat Powder

Plant hair color is proven in powder form in 9 expressive nuances. Plant hair color in powder form is only activated with hot water. This results in a creamy, non-dripping paste that is applied to the hair. The lighting time is between 15 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the color and initial feel.

Henna Hair Dye Colors Chart - Cat Powder

  • Cream Color

Stop stirring and mixing - from now on, only the painting is finished! The Color Creams from SANTE makes hair coloring easy and natural as before. EASY 3-STEP KIT contains, among other things, PRE-TREATMENT, to free hair from maintenance residue and arrangement, and COLOR CONDITIONER to intensify and improve hair color. The lighting time is also between 15 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the color and initial feel.

Henna Hair Dye Colors Chart - Cream Color

Henna Hair Dye Colors Before and After

Henna Hair Dye Colors Before and After

6 Things You Need to Know Before Using Henna Hair Dyes

If this is your first experience, then you should first consider using henna hair dye as a natural alternative to using traditional hair dyes that you will use in a professional salon, here are some things you should do before starting.

1. Are Henna Natural Dyes Good for Your Hair?

Henna hair dye is considered a good conditioner for the hair, the results can make the hair stronger, thicker and shiny. The natural content in this plant can help restore the natural pH balance of your hair and scalp as well.

2. How long can Henna survive in your hair?

Henna is a semi-permanent hair dye. The brightest color lasts for the first 4 to 6 weeks, the color will gradually fade after that, but the color will not disappear completely.

You need to know if you want to dye your hair later, maybe it will be more difficult for the color to become brighter because Henna is very difficult to remove from your hair later.

3. You Need To Know This Is A Mess To Apply And Can Stain Your Skin.

We recommend that you do henna through your hair in the bathroom, ideally, you can stand under a dry shower, so you can clean up any mess when you're done.

4. Henna Hair Coloring Requires a Long Time

This depends on the enthusiasm you have, coloring your hair with henna can take 1 to 6 hours to develop. It's a long time to make your scalp wrapped in a shower cap.

5. Henna does not even your hair color

If you have highlights or root when you start the process of using henna, you will still have highlights or root when you are done. Henna can cover gray hair but this requires a little extra process.

6. It will be difficult to restore your hair color AFTER using Henna

Henna Hair Dye Colors Before and After 2

Some of these Henna dye brands have metal salts that mix into them, which results in you not being able to use chemical hair dyes on it. The result is a chemical reaction that can cause your hair to smoke! It is important to explain to your hairdresser that you have dyed your hair with henna beforehand, so they are ready before starting.

After you dye your hair with henna, you should also pay attention to it afterward, if you want to use chemical colors. This can react with henna dyes and cause unwanted color results. So let's skip enough time.

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