Rose Gold Hair Color Formula - Rose Gold Hair Ombre

Rose gold hair color is trending. From the color of pink lemonade to the color of red wine, the key to patching golden hair is to get the right balance of dusty pink, plus a touch of apricot and shining metallic luster. If you apply it correctly then this display can be suitable for everyone, no need to distinguish whether the basic color is bright blonde, medium brown or dark brown. Follow our tips to create a rose gold color that makes your skin glow, with Hair Color Formula that is right for eating you will get what you want.

1. Rose Gold Hair Ombre
Color Formulas
Formula A: Hi-Lift Shatush Freehand Balayage Lightener + 20-volume developer + ¼ oz. Olaplex No.1
Formula B: De Lorenzo RW5 + 10-volume developer
Formula C: De Lorenzo RW6 + 10-volume developer
Formula D: De Lorenzo RW8 + 10-volume developer

2. Rose Gold Balayage
Color Formulas
Formula A (base and lowlights): Redken Shades EQ 1 oz. 5CB + ½ oz. 5RV
Formula B: 30-volume developer + Olaplex No.1
Formula C: Joico Color Intensity Confetti Collection Peach

3. Rose Ombre - by PRAVANA
PRAVANA Color Formulas
Formula A: 40-volume developer + 15 POWERTOOLS TCA accelerator drops
Formula B (toner): 1.5 oz. ChromaSilk 7.22 + 0.5 oz. ChromaSilk 7.1 + 1 oz. ChromaSilk 5.7 + 0.75 oz. ChromaSilk 7.62 + 10-volume developer

4. Rose Gold Brown Balayage - by Aveda
Aveda Color Formulas
Formula A (root color): 40g 4N + 5g Dark N/N + 40g 10-volume developer (permanent)
Formula B (balayage): Equal parts Enlightener + 40-volume developer
Formula C (toner): 40g 8N + 6g Dark V/R + 40g 5-volume developer

5.  Rose Gold Blend - by Schwarzkopf Professional
Color Formula
Formula A: 2 oz. IGORA ROYAL 9,5-18 Rose + ½ oz. PEARLESCENCE P11-89 Coral + 1-inch IGORA ROYAL 0-89 Creative Booster + BLONDME 7-volume developer

6. Luxe Rose Gold - by Kenra Professional
Color Formulas
Formula A (base): Kenra Color 1/24n + 1/2 4rb + 20-volume developer
Formula B (toner): Kenra Color 1/4 8c + 1/4 7rr + 9-volume developer

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend?

Rose gold hair is a fairly bold color trend in 2018. By flipping through your fashion magazine you will find celebrities from “Kylie Jenner” to “Rita Ora". Like changing to fighting blondes to get highlights, and there are many variations on this trend that involve more or less bleach. You will take the color and replace it with rose gold hair dyes that require some chemical processing. You can try DIY, but you will probably have more orange hair than roses. Why don't you pay someone who is an expert in their field, they will do their job with Professionals and you get what you dream of?

Talk about maintenance You can use safe shampoos and color conditioners, masks or weekly hydrating treatments. When you are outside and exposed to sunlight, also use heat protectors on your hair before styling your hair. During the summer try to stay away from chlorine and salt water which can damage your hair color. With proper care, the color of your rose gold will stay in top condition.

How To Get Rose Gold Hair Color

Have you seen hair color trends on social media lately? If you have, then you may have been very aware that rose gold hair is the current hair color. Continue reading to find out how to color your hair with golden rose hair colors at home and how to maintain your new hue with the right hair care routines.

  • Rose Gold For Blonde Hair

A pale blonde is a perfect canvas for rose gold hair shades. If you want a thorough washing of the base color of light, it means that the pre-lighting can be kept to a minimum. You also have greater control over color intensity, dial-up to heavy metal hues.
To get a golden rose that is brighter on the hair, try adding semi-permanent, like "Color Fresh CREATE". By mixing Nudist Pink, Uber Gold with Tomorrow Clear, you can adjust the shadow perfectly like this Passionistas.

1. Pastel Tint

 Rose Gold For Blonde Hair Pastel Tint 

This is the full rose gold color that is done right. Uber Gold is your partner if you like this color, giving a pink Nudist color that glows and reflects light. Because it has dazzling pastels, faded colors will be very flattering. Just make sure your clients wash their hair using INVIGO Blonde Recharge Shampoo at home to keep the rough tone at bay.

2. Rosy Roots

Rose Gold For Blonde Hair Rosy Roots

Make it like "Ines Morley" with a thick metallic color on its roots, they produce reddish graduation to a soft blonde tip. This placement works best with low waves, then finish your look by wrapping the middle hair around the Pro Curl Clamp and spritzing with the EIMI Glam Mist Shine Spray.

  • Rose Gold For Dark Hair

Dark rose gold color to get the appearance of golden roses on dark brunette or black hair can be a challenge for you. This requires a visit to the salon for the enlightenment process, another for the hair to be colored, then followed up to tone and refresh the reddish color.

It's very useful for the end result, but for your clients who hope to avoid all things that are excessive, suggest a rose gold ribbon that makes the same impact. This is proof.

1. Raspberry Rose

Rose Gold For Dark Hair Raspberry Rose

Greta Wagner described this as a rose berry, we thought it encapsulated it perfectly. Everyone will really like the blend of shiny pink with a brighter hemp tone that makes redness appear. Pre-lightening is needed to get that look, but that is what is called the Blondor Freelights and WellaPlex bond strengthening system.

2. Dream Dip Dye

Rose Gold For Dark Hair Dream Dip Dye

This is a dream dip dye. Dark brown hair melts into a blend of fuchsia, copper and golden roses in the perfect "Katharina" creation. A lot of pre-relief must be done to achieve this level of spirit, so make sure your clients keep their hair hydrated with the INVIGO Nutri-Enrich Mask.

  • Rose Gold For Brown Hair

Imagine that rose gold won't work on light brown hair? Think again. The brown rose is gaining traction for now, because basically the pink caramel colors are being searched for by all brown-haired women. For the most Instagrammable final results, think the color of the kiss with the placement of the rose brown color, choosing the freehand balloon technique through an approach from root to tip.

1. Coral Rose

Rose Gold For Brown Hair Coral Rose

To get a golden rose that packs a punch like Malyssa and adds scattering coral strands. He created a display with Color Fresh CREATE using shades of Hyper Coral (diluted), Nu-Dist Pink and lots of Tomorrow Clear through light brown hair. Your clients definitely don't want to let this color fade, so we recommend keeping it fresh with a once-weekly dose of INVIGO Color Recharge Red Conditioner.

2. Painterly Pink

Rose Gold For Brown Hair Painterly Pink

There is a lot of pink on "Dimo Zlatarov" they chose the reddish-brown hair that was perfected by using Illumina Color's permanent hair color. That way there are lots of blondes, blush, and toffee warm in the portfolio. To combine colors specifically to fit all the basic colors of light and mid brown.

Rose Gold Hair Ombre - Gold Tips Hair

Among the strawberry blonde, pink and red hair, there is a new favorite color for us, namely rose gold hair. Anyone who sees the golden color glittering with soft pink alloys is then mixed together, this will be very fitting for hugs and chocolate. The very interesting thing about golden roses as hair color is how surprisingly natural it is. "Gold tones are very close to many natural colors that combine pink in them". You can also get a little bolder by increasing the intensity of the colors and arrangement, the point is they are beautiful and can look almost like the colors you experience.

1) Modern Day Barbie Style Light Pink Hair

Between volume hair, bouncy curls and roses, gold-colored hair dyes above blonde hair, these styles are really cool. The color has a slight natural ombre to the root but instead of all golden roses. With this many colors, we recommend that you make sure the humidity is great in your hair routine to keep your strands from drying out.

2) Cute Reverse Ombre Blonde and Pink Hair

This fast brave style is perfect for one day on the beach. Because pink from the root has a really pleasant ombre upside down effect, lower maintenance because it grows. Face frame pieces that don't have style? This is a funny way to fight without adding heat.

3) Red Hair With Gorgeous Pink Balayage Highlights

As if red hair isn't attractive enough by itself! This color is the world's second best "red and golden rose". The basic red gets some bright highlights that look amazing and appear perfectly in curved curls. This style is very good because you can also pick golden roses as needed with a simple touch.

4) Warm Sunny Blonde with Highlights in Rose

If you want to have warm and rich blonde hair like this, mix the rose gold hair color with a standard dose, this will make your bright hair a more beautiful color. Rose gold adds a very cool luster and depth. Braids are one great way to let golden roses peek through curves that really shine the color highlights.

5) Wavy Simple Blonde Hair With Pink Highlight

If you think pink hair is not suitable for going to work, try to imagine again, this disguised color proves that pink can be professional. The key here is to start with warm strawberry blondes and sprinkle in some light balayage styles on each middle layer of your hair. The result is almost no pink which still means business.

6) Blonde Beach Wave Highlights in Rose Gold

Change your platinum spotlight every day to get rose gold. to get a simple and easy style. This is a good choice when you want to try something braver? Try pink blends with blondes and beach waves all together for beautiful warm colors.

7) Dark Brunette to Rose Gold Hair Ombre

If you start with a hair color darker than brown or blonde, Ombre is a great way to apply cute hair colors like golden roses. This display of warm strawberry blonde and rose to achieve is pretty faded to pink. In this particular color, it can easily turn orange if it is not properly tightened.

8) Rose Gold Highlights On Dark Hair

Don't let your dark hair prevent you from getting the golden rose hair color of your dreams. Simply highlight your hair with shades of golden roses and pink blush in a balayage style to create stunning melange colors. Use your loose curls to highlight the movement and appearance dimensions of this color.

9) Rose Gold Hair Black Girl

Rose gold is ideal if you want to lean toward bold colors, or you just want to dip the edges, play with subtle highlights, or just use full power with the whole head of gold, you will very quickly become hair goals. Scroll to get inspiration from all the golden rose hair on the goodness of the black girl.

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