The Best Hair Colors - Best Hair Colors for Asian Skin

Find out which colors you should use to match your skin color as well as things to avoid.

As many Asian women know, It is very difficult to dye hair that tends to be thick and durable, unless done right.

The best hair coloring for Asian skin can sometimes produce unattractive effects, especially if you are blonde. Be careful if you are looking for professional hair stylist help, But if you decide to try it at home here's what you need to know to choose the right color tone.

For Overall Color

Black hair, thin with pale skin can look striking. However, Asian hair naturally tends to be less profound, as there is little color variation. If you want to add some dimensions, you can get additional colors like copper and old chocolate, According to Vietnamese hair stylist Ngoc Huynh. One of his client's faves is Joico's chocolate moss, but he also gets a lot of requests for chocolate and cinnamon tones. Hair highlights recommend avoiding violets, whites, blonde platinum, and blue shades as they tend to clash with Asian skin tones.

For Color Layered

Two-sided coloration that involves the bottom of the hair with a darker color, when using a lighter color for the top layer. This is another option to add intensity to your hair. Both colors offer contrasting colors to display two completely different colors.

Hair Highlights

Highlights can add dimensions to the hair so it looks more volume and shiny. For brown skin color and black eyes, Highlights also play facial features so you look younger and radiant. For highlights, you should choose a color that is one or two levels brighter than the basic hair color. Highlight colors that are too bright can create unnatural stripes effect. If you can choose hair dye with toner in it. Toner can soften the feel of a hard color so it looks more natural.

Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia

Some of the best color choices for you are brown-skinned.

1. Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark Brown Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia
Dark Brown Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia

Dark brown color like Selena Gomez is very sweet for Indonesian brown skin. Because brown color does not contrast with the slightly darker skin tone.

2. Red Burgundy Hair Color

Red Burgundy Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia
Red Burgundy Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia

For those of you who want red hair color but brown skinned, do not be too sad when in say red color will not be suitable for you. Burgundy red color that still has a darker shade than bright red is good for you who are brown-skinned.

3. Black Hair Color

Black Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia
Black Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia

Black is the most suitable color for Indonesian women with brown skin. You can take care of your black hair shinier again by using the right treatment.

4. Ash Brown Hair Color

Ash Brown Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia
Ash Brown Hair Color - Best Hair Color For Brown Skin And Black Eyes Indonesia

Ash Brown color is currently famous among teenagers, hair coloring becomes grayish. But not confident that the gray is too white and will make the skin look darker, because the color of hair Ash Brown is too bright from facial skin, It is advisable to try ash brown that has a warm base and a little yellow.

Here is a good and quality hair coloring brand recommended for you if you have a plan to color hair to be more attractive, here are a variety of brands of good and quality hair dyes, recommendations best brands.

10 Brands of Good and Qualified Hair Dye

1. L'Oreal Professionnel Majirel

L'oreal hair dye can be a mainstay of everyone. You can prove yourself a miracle given by a good hair color brand and do not damage hair like dry hair, even though this L'Oreal hair dye product is permanent in hair coloring.

With "Ionene G and Incell Advanced" technology that can penetrate into three layers of hair to provide a thorough treatment of hair fiber. Ionene G will work to maintain and protect hair condition assisted by Incell Complex which will increase hair strength from root to tip hair. If you are interested in using the best L'oreal hair dye from L'Oreal, then you can buy L'Oreal Professionnel Majirel or in Amazon.

2. Garnier Color Naturals

In the next sequence, there is a good hair dye from Garnier. Garnier has a hair dye product that is safe because it is made by mixing natural ingredients such as olive oil so as to form a formula that will not damage the hair. Hair color provided by hair dye that from Garnier is durable with a beautiful effect of luster. Garnier Color Naturals is available in 5 color options. There are colors Dark Chocolate, Brown Chocolate, Natural Chocolate, Black Natural, And Burgundy Red.

3. Miranda Hair Color Premium

The advantage of Miranda hair dye is its easy use and in some variants, there is a conditioner that will make hair healthy even colored, Miranda Hair Color Premium gives softness, and prevent hair become broken or branched. Miranda Hair Color Premium is a good hair dye brand to seal gray hairs with the most durable results.

Miranda Hair Color Premium will give you a brighter and more evenly balanced result on your hair. There is a hair dye variant from Miranda that can be used for highlights. Some other variants also have their own advantages such as making the texture of hair more smooth and soft. Miranda Hair Color provides more than 15 different color choices.

In addition to these variants, there are also variants of other Revlon hair dye that equally gives the hair color looks natural and even able to cover gray hair. Hair dye from Revlon includes products that are very safe for hair because there are natural ingredients that are equipped with nutritious protein and sun protection.

4. Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color

Want to use a good hair dye brand and be able to give a natural color to the hair? Of course, Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color is ready to realize your wishes. To get natural black hair color, you can use hair dye without Ammonia offerings Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color-Black.

5. Sasha Hair Color

Not everyone likes bright and striking hair color, there are some who prefer dark color but still beautiful to look at. If you are looking for a good black hair dye brand, then you can use hair dye from Sasha. Sasha Hair Colorant is a professional hair dye that will keep your hair's appearance.

Sasha hair dye is also available in several color options like natural black, chocolate brown, dark blue, blue-black, golden, copper golden blonde, Irish red, bright brown-red, and many more. This product will not damage your hair because the ingredients are made from the best ingredients that are safe for your scalp.

6. Schwarzkopf Hair Colour

Schwarzkopf is a brand from Germany that issued many brands of good and quality hair dyes. Like one of its variants, fresh light hair color melty mocha, hair dye is enriched with moisturizing content and the ability to improve hair luster as a result of staining.

The moisturizing oils contained in Schwarzkopf hair color will penetrate deep into the hair layer and perform repair and treatment activities on the damage that occurs. Once the hair is healthy, it will show the luster of hair as a given effect of the use of this product.

7. Beautylabo Hair Color

Beautylabo understands very well that beautiful women can be emitted by accentuating the beauty only from the crown, the hair. Therefore, Beautylabo hair color is presented by Beautylabo to help every woman appear more confident with the beautiful hair color dazzling. Available in various color options such as natural black, dark brown, a natural blonde, pure beige, candy apricot, and raspberry pink.

Beautylabo hair color itself is a good brand of hair paint from Japan that gives a choice of bright colors in accordance with the personality of its customers. Beautylabo haircuts are practical and easy to apply even for beginners. Color quality that pairs seep evenly from the base to the tip of the hair.

8. Bigen Silk Touch Cream Color

If you want to use a brand of good and cheap hair dye, then we suggest trying hair dye from Bigen. Although sold cheaply, these hair dye products have a quality that should not be underestimated.

Bigen Silk Touch Cream Color is a hair dye cream that can create a conservative black color. For those of you who have gray hair, the formula in Bigen's hair dye is able to cover gray with elegant color, like chocolate, mahogany, or burgundy. Inside are Silk Protein and Ginseng Extract that will make hair like silk with an amazing glow.

9. Matrix Hair Color

Hair dye products from Matrix become the recommendation of much professional hair stylist because it can make the best coloring process. The excellent hair dye technology of the Matrix ensures consistent results so that the color and hair condition becomes more perfect.

Matrix Hair Color there is a give a total change in your hair color, there is also a simply enlightening or add a multi-dimensional effect on the hair. You can choose as needed, Want to use a Matrix hair dye that can color hair permanently or semi-permanently by selecting the highlights.

10. Manic Panic Hair Color

Manic Panic's hair dye products claimed to survive for three months. But there are also two other types that can be lost only by shampooing or lasting more than three months.

Manic Panic hair dye is a good brand of hair dye and widely used by Hollywood artists because it is Manic Panic brand comes from America. The Manic Panic semi-permanent hairdryer contains a vegan formula that certainly does not damage the hair and is safe for the scalp. If you are interested to use this one product, please buy a trusted online store.

So, are you ready to dye your hair or make an ombre by relying on one of the good hair dye brands above? Do not let you choose because the wrong product can make hair dry and damaged.

Damage to hair when hair is often colored need some special care, for hair colored one of them is the selection of shampoo that should not be arbitrary. Here are the best shampoo recommendations for colored hair that you can choose according to your hair needs.

8 Brand the best shampoo for colored hair is as follows

1. Matrix Biolage Color Care Therapie Shampoo

Matrix biology color care therapy Shampoo has a low PH suitable for colored hair. This shampoo contains extracts of orchids, oranges, soy protein, sunflower and UV complex that is able to clean and soften and bring out the luster of hair color.

2. L'Oreal Professionnel Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo

Vitamin E antioxidant derivative content in L'Oreal Professionnel Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo is able to protect hair color to last longer. In addition, there are active wheat proteins that restore the luster and softness of hair and amino acids that can recharge the lost protein when you do hair coloring.

3. L’Oreal Elseve Color Vive

L'Oreal shampoo product for other colored hair is L'Oreal Elseve Color Vive which nourishes colored hair. In addition to fragrance, this shampoo can also reduce the dryness of the hair due to staining. UVA + UVB filters radiance protection can also help protect hair from sun exposure so that hair becomes soft, healthy and hair color also last longer.

4. Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo contains extract of Moroccan rose and passion fruit essence. The resulting formula makes hair look shiny and hair color more intense paint while maintaining its color. This shampoo also produces pleasant, soft and light scents in the hair.

5. L'Occitane Colour Care Shampoo

This L'Occitane product is a sulfate-free, natural-based shampoo with 5 essential oils and grape seed extract to enhance hair luster and maintain hair color. This shampoo also contains sunscreen to protect hair from damage caused by sun exposure.

6. Kerastase Paris Reflection Bain Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo

Another shampoo for hair colored is Kerastase. This product is able to bind and maintain hair color so that your hair color remains intense, shiny, and not easily faded.

7. The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo

The Body Shop also issued an eco-friendly shampoo product for colored hair. This shampoo contains bilberry extract, linseed oil, pracaxi oil and natural sugar that is useful to moisturize and protect hair from the sun. In addition, this shampoo is also able to clean the dirt gently, so the color of hair dye is not easy to fade.

8. Pantene Pro-V Color & Perm Lasting Care

Pantene which is one of the favorite shampoo products in Indonesia also issued special products for hair colored and permed, namely Pantene Pro-V Color & Perm Lasting Care. This shampoo has liquid crystals that can form a thin layer in every circumference of hair strands that make hair and curly hair color last longer and stay healthy.

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