Should Hair Be Washed Before Coloring? 6 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Should Hair Be Washed Before Coloring? 6 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair
Should Hair Be Washed Before Coloring? 7 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Are you planning to dye your hair at home? If yes of course you want to make sure everything you do can achieve the best results. So, you've got all the right hair coloring accessories that are right for you, have even bought some shampoo complete with conditioner for colored hair care. But before starting it you are still stuck in one question "should I wash hair before coloring?" The answer might really surprise you, should hair be washed before coloring? Some people think should hair be washed before coloring, but others think otherwise. Consider the following explanation:

- Using Permanent Color

Of most types of hair color one of them is permanent hair color. If in fact you really want to skip the hair wash section before coloring or maybe you have a thought that when applying color and hair cleaning process will help to ensure the best color penetration is obtained. But this is far from the fact that clean hair can also feel "slippery" this will prevent the color to absorb properly into the cuticle of your hair. So the conclusion is You should never wash your hair before coloring it, but it should not be filled with the build-up of the products you use.

The solution, should you wash your hair one or two days before you plan to dye hair. In addition you are also encouraged to stop using styling products that are too much and let your hair to rest for a moment. That way your hair remains in perfect condition and is ready to receive color on the next day.

It's also worth noting that there are other benefits when skipping the wash section of hair before applying color to your hair. Suppose, your scalp is basically sensitive, it will be more sensitive after you wash your hair. If so, your scalp may be more prone to irritation when applying hair dye. But if you apply color to unwashed hair then you have a protective coating. The coating is derived from natural oils from your head that acts as a protective layer between the scalp and chemicals derived from hair dye.

- Using Semi Permanent Color

Different from the rules of use on permanent hair dye, in semi-permanent color it has the opposite rule that should you wash your hair before getting it colored. Why is it so biased you see, semi-permanent colors work in different ways than all other types of hair dye. Specific semi-permanent hair color works by coating the outer stem of the hair, as opposed to them actually penetrating into the shaft and absorbed into the hair cuticle. Therefore, if you plan to color your hair using semi-permanent color, we suggest you should your wash your hair before you color it. A clean hair shaft will make it easier for the colors to enter and coat them.

Well already know the difference using permanent and semi-permanent colors. Before you go for hair coloring there are some things you should know to make it easier for you in the process of dyeing and getting good results.

6 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

1. Choosing a Better Color

Of all the hair colors you have planned to use, there are other things you can do before you apply colors to get better results. For example, choosing a better color and suitable for your skin tone you can then consider to do pre-color hair treatment, this will help to reduce the porosity of your hair and make it easier to receive color properly. Next, Switch to good and clean coloring tools such as application brushes, mixing bowls, and gloves, they can also help you to achieve maximum results.
As you already know, washing your hair before you color it is usually not a good idea, unless you will use semi-permanent color. By waiting for approximately 24 hours after you wash your hair with shampoo, it is useful to get better results and not to disturb your scalp.

2. Watch Texture on Hair Paint

If this is your first experience then all you have to look at is the hair dye texture you will use. Use a liquid textured paint or gel if you want to dye your hair at home. The formula is specially designed to cover the original hair color and more evenly on each strand of hair when compared with hair dye that has a foam or foam texture. But if this is your experience the umpteenth time you freely choose to use the texture of hair dye you like.

3. Perform an Allergy Test

It is important you do before applying hair dye pda hair that is doing allergy tests on your scalp to make sure your skin is not sensitive or susceptible to allergies. To perform an allergy test on the skin you can do it by trying to apply hair dye for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If more than 30 minutes there are no signs of skin irritation, then you can continue the coloring process until completion.

4. Paint Your Hair Slowly

For those of you who have irregular hair, wavy or curly hair, do the coloring slowly so as not to affect the hair texture. However, if the coloring you do in a way that will quickly damage the hair texture. Do it slowly and precisely so that the hair dye evenly on all strands of your hair. This will make the colored hair will remain curly.

American hairdresser "Cynthia" advises to always be careful in the coloring process because it can cause damage to the hair texture. The bigger the difference between the original hair color and the hair color used, the elasticity of the hair will also be reduced even temporarily, he explained.

5. Use Colored Hair Special Shampoo

After passing through the hair coloring process, we recommend that you use a shampoo that is specially created for colored hair. Because the special shampoo for color hair does not contain chemicals such as sulfates as well as they have mild protection to prevent damage to hair color as it fades.

6. Treat Hair Routinely

Like your previous natural hair, Colored Hair also requires extra care. We recommend that you at least use a conditioner or hair mask once a week after that wrap your hair using a plastic wrap (shower cap) and leave the hair for about 20 minutes. we also advise you to use hair oil like essential oil or olive oil that you can use after washing your hair or after shampooing.

That's the six things to know before coloring your hair, The hair coloring decisions do look simple, but it's not like that. You certainly do not want your appearance of turns turning ugly or looking tacky just because you chose wrong hair color.
Therefore, we recommend that before you color your own hair at home, you should first consult with a hairstylist or visit your salon subscription. Hope this article useful to you.

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