How to Mix Professional Hair Color at Home - Mixing Neutral and Ash Hair Color

How to Mix Professional Hair Color at Home - Mixing Neutral and Ash Hair Color
How to Mix Professional Hair Color at Home - Mixing Neutral and Ash Hair Color

How to mix professional hair color at home in order to get results in accordance with the wishes? There are so many hair color dye boxes on the market today and you can get in your nearest stores with different brands and quality, but sometimes we are still looking for the right colors and it is very difficult to find. Have you ever had a particular thought to distinguish your hair color, just because you realized that you could not find a matching hair color and fit your desires in all the hair color dye boxes?

Anyone who experiences it will be frustrated! Of the many hair dye box professional but there is no matching color. Many things you can do to overcome this problem, for example by mixing hair color. However, you can create a unique and attractive hair color to suit your own needs and you just need to learn how to mix a good hair color to make it satisfying. But before you decide to try mixing this mixing professional hair color alone at home, there are some specific tips you should follow and take precautions you should know before you start. These are some additional tips you should do before coloring your hair:

1. Doing a strand test on hair. Whenever and wherever you want to color your hair, it helps you to test the strands first. This is very important when you want to mix hair color. A strand test should be done 24 hours before applying to stain to the hair, to make sure there is no Allergy to the skin or a negative impact on your scalp and hair. If there is no chemical reaction or negative impact you feel, you can continue coloring all your hair as usual.

2. Next, find the mix colors that work for you. You have to make sure that when you've found the mixed hair colors you really love you have to remember and if you need to write them down! Write down specifically, the formula (letters and numbers) of each dye box along with the brand you use. In this way when your roots begin to grow, you can easily recreate your color and touch your hair to keep it from looking faded.

Did you know that the average woman spends more than $ 50,000 on hair care for the rest of her life? $ 120 for styling products and for other hair colors for $ 330 per year, They also spend $ 120 for shampoo, it is a survey conducted by Tresemme.

You can save your expenses every year for your hair care by way of coloring your hair professionally at home. It's so much easier than it looks. You just need to know what to buy and how to mix and apply it. Very easy is not it?

Here is how to mix professional hair color at home, which is very easy to do even for beginners though.

How to mix professional hair color at home

1. Start By Buying Your Basic Needs

Here is a basic list for you to have:

1. Salon latex-quality gloves
2. Mixing bowl made from plastic
3. Applicator brush
4. Bottle applicator

2. Choose the Color You Like

When you want to buy a hair color dye ask a lot of questions on the employees where you shop. In-store supplies, beauty tools generally know about their goods. There are many brands and types of hair color that you can get. Employees can help you find the most appropriate hair color for your hair type and match the results you want. In addition, you yourself must decide whether you will do permanent, semi-permanent, permanent or temporary (wash out) colors. If you have a gray hair color on your hair, it can also be a consideration to determine which brands and types you will use. For best results do not let you choose two colors that are brighter or darker than your natural hair color.

3. Specify the Type of Developer You Will Be Using

Do you know the main difference coloring hair with hair dye box from the pharmacy and using professional hair color product? The difference is the color and the developers purchased separately. Developers generally have varying levels of volume 10, volume 20, volume 30 and volume 40. Mixing hair color and developer ratio, Developers with volume 10 work to store color only, meaning they do not open the hair cuticle to "lift" your color. It is ideal for excess hair color and gives you a pretty good color result as the volume counts up. If you want to do Highlight or Light blond, you need to use developers with volume 30 or volume 40 higher. Does this sound complicated? This is not a complicated thing. The hair color you will choose usually tells you which volume of developers you will use. If not you can ask your colleagues who can point in the right direction.

When mixing hair color and developers make sure to also note the numbers associated with each color formula so you can choose wisely. Keep in mind that the higher the number the greater the ability to lighten. When mixing bleach and hair color, you should do with a ratio of 1: 1 for best results. When you mix hair colors together, you should also mix an ounce of peroxide per ounce of added or 1: 1 hair color. This will help you to achieve even color in your hair, even if you have new roots growing since the last time you colored hair.

4. Combine Hair Color With the Developer

How to mix developers with color hair is by mixing colors and your developers in a bowl or bottle and immediately use. Once you have purchased the product, you can mix it according to the guidebook instructions and start applying it from your hair roots. Most of the number of color ratios for developers is 1: 1 or 2: 2 depending on your needs. The bowl and bottle are both easily marked so you can easily measure the exact amount of the product. After you finish applying it leave your hair about 30-35 minutes or adjust with a guidebook. You can also silence your hair longer to cover the stubborn gray.

The advantages of mixing hair color in your own home are you can have full control over the color results. You can even experiment with mixing different colors in natural color levels to create your own custom colors. As in winter and autumn. Mixing darker dark brown tones and then slightly relieving them with gold tones in spring and summer is a really nice thing, is not it?

Those are some things about how to mix professional hair color at home that you can do. As you can see, there are very few things to keep in mind when you plan to mix professional hair color, if you follow these simple guidelines and choose the colors you like wisely the results can be spectacular. You can also consider adding some highlights and lowlights to your hair for a truly amazing look that makes others believe that this is the work of a well-known professional stylist.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for you, do not forget to share with your colleagues so they can also look more amazing, good luck.

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