How Much 20 Volume Developer to Mix With Hair Color?

How Much 20 Volume Developer To Mix With Hair Colors
How Much 20 Volume Developer To Mix With Hair Colors

In the world of hair style Developer terms are familiar, but many people who do not know what the developer. How much 20 volume developers to mix with hair color? Before we discuss about it let us know in advance What is hair developer? Developer hair is usually used as a mixture for hair dyes. What is hair developer? The developer is a fluid that has a function of helping to open the hair follicle so that the dye can enter the hair shaft perfectly. What does hair dye developer do? In order for the developer to work perfectly in improving hair color, this liquid should be mixed with alkaline liquids as well. The alkaline liquid commonly used for hair dye is Ammonia.

Ammonia is a fluid that has a white color that makes hair dye smells rotten. The ammonia can also cause the hair follicle to become swollen or exposed, resulting in more dye and oxygen coming into the hair. Ammonia is known to have a foul odor, but in fact it is safer than its other counterparts, because it can evaporate faster (this is the reason why Ammonia has such a strong odor) and leave no residue on the hair or scalp.

Developer hair has four different levels, namely: 10 volumes (3%), 20 volumes (6%). 30 volumes (9%) and 40 volumes (12%). These 40 volumes should only be used by expert stylist, because these 40 volumes can damage hair easily and oxidize (burn) the skin in just seconds. Burns caused by such chemical liquids are very painful. What happens if you put too much developer in hair dye? The higher the level of the developer you use the brighter the hair color will be. Whereas if you use a low level developer such as volume 10, then this only helps you to enter color to your hair without changing the natural color drastically.

The developer has a hydrogen peroxide content. 10 volumes containing (3%) H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), 20 volumes containing (6%) H2O2, 30 volumes containing (9%) H2O2, and the last 40 volumes containing (12%) H2O2. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) has 2 functions in hair color application. The first function is to activate dyes known as Oxidation dyes. Without the H2O2 the dye can not produce any color. The second function is to lift bleaching.

Level developer comes with a standard North American hair dye box that is 20vol for consumer use, only increase the hair color to 1 1/2. For example, your natural hair color is solid black and you use volume 20, so the result you get is just a brownish black color. We advise you to choose a lighter hair dye that is 2-4 levels of color you want, so that the results you get more visible. The developer fluid can sometimes damage the hair condition so you have to be careful, Although the developer works to open the hair follicle, but this fluid can also damage your hair keratin. Tips from experts, if indeed you want to improve hair color up to level 7, you should do it slowly and use developers with volume 20 or 30 so that hair is not brittle and dry.

So, how much 20 volume developers to mix with hair color?

How Much 20 Volume Developer To Mix With Hair Color
How Much 20 Volume Developer To Mix With Hair Color

The number of developers that can be added to the hair needs to be equal to the number of colors to be used. This measurement ratio applies no matter to the variety or scale of the product used. To get the desired result you need to carefully add the volume to be precise.

How to measure hair color and developer? The developer mixer and hair dye requires a proper 1 to 1 ratio. No matter what type of measurement is used, both numbers need to be matched. Whether it's 1 ounce, half a bottle or 1 spoon, use the exact same developer volume as the dye on each application. Too much or too little volume developers can produce incorrect hair color results. Because placing too much of the developer volume into the dye will make the final product much lighter, while developers produce less color that is much darker than desired.

Adding the volume of developers to the hair dye requires an appropriate process, as there are many physical problems facing the follicle when the developer gets too in. As a result, long-term damage is possible when the strands are flooded by enlightenment and bleaching products. Excessive mortality on every strand and also endanger the health and resilience of hair follicles, so this is not a good choice. Careful measurement is essential to achieve a perfect balance between the volume of developers and hair dye.

Hair Developer 10 vs. 20

Hair developer 10 vs. 20
Hair developer 10 vs. 20

10 volume developer with permanent color, 10 volumes produce darker or semi-permanent color. You can use 10 vol for deposit only. But if you just want a tone, eat 10 volumes. This will not lighten your hair, It is also suitable for red hair and durable.

20 volume developers to lighten hair, 20 volumes are not really faded at all. 20 volumes This is more permanent. If you want to lighten your hair you can use 20 volumes and can be used for gray hair coverage. However, using 20 vol slightly damage the hair strands. Mix 50/50 between dye with developer 20vol to get 15vol suitable for fine gray hair coverage, 20 volumes 6% H2O2 with standard gray loose on long-lasting gray hair.

That's a glimpse of 20 volume developers and how much 20 volume developers to mix with hair colo? hopefully this article can help you and increase our knowledge.

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